Road Jerseys!


Help me as I run 9K to support our veterans!

So I’m doing Run to Home Base. 9K to support our veterans. It’s a course that starts and ends at Fenway Park, which is pretty neat. I’m terribly out of shape, but I’ve only run one road race in Boston, ever - time to change that.

I’ve got two months to do this: Two months to raise $1000. I’m not great at fundraising so this will definitely be an effort. It’s a cause that I’m peripherally personally sensitive to; I have friends who did NOT make it back from the war overseas (one of whom I found out about at a Bruins game, when he was the one honored before the game…). I would very much love to help out those men and women who did. 

Any - literally ANY - help you can give me on this is great. In fact, I’m taking a page out of @theactivestick’s book and selling my twitter avatar ($50 a week, or make me an offer), writing pieces on Stanley Cup of Chowder for donations, and even possibly auctioning off my shirt choice for the race. (Want to pay $200 so I cross home plate at FENWAY PARK in a Yankees shirt? I’ll do it for charity, unless someone outbids you! (if this happens, please someone outbid this person.)) I’m not above making a fool of myself for a good cause. Please take advantage!